When do I not feel justified to be angry?

I started thinking about how often her mood puts us in a bad mood versus when my mood does. And I realized that whenever I’m in a bad mood I feel justified to be in a mad bad mood. And so I say whenever she’s in a bad mood it’s all her fault and I…

Difficult sex but wonderful love

I just want to say that even though I was extremely fearful and had reason to doubt that this relationship would be good as I got married to her, it is most often sweet, tender and wonderful. The fear as wet fueled most of my OCD. But our marriage is an extreme blessing to me…

Laughter is bottomless

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately. We still do you have our tough moments, like last night when she said the reason like 50 people didn’t come to our wedding might be because they didn’t receive our invitations and she thought she couldn’t trust that I sent them correctly. But in general we’re…

Not liking her doesn’t have to make you unhappy

There are times that I really dislike my new bride. Just little things she does that annoy me. Or thought processes she has or certain personality traits. Sometimes just the tone of her voice when she’s around certain people. But I’ve realized that even if I don’t like her at times that doesn’t mean we…


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Hi, I’m R. I’ve been dating B for over two years. She’s an amazing woman, but sometimes it feels all wrong. I have rOCD and so I’m trying to figure out if it is indeed wrong, or if I am wrong.

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