Tips that seem to help- remembering good memories

I realized I should write here what has helped me the most. Number one tool: forcing myself to remember the good things. This usually snaps me out of my feelings of dread. I started sending B 5 things I like about her every night. And the simple act of reminding myself of those things makesContinue reading “Tips that seem to help- remembering good memories”

Is it supposed to feel this wrong sometimes?

I just got done with small group with B. And since the moment I got there everything she said seem to shut me down or I feared was going to be something that would shut me down. She got her cute little goddaughter a balloon and an invitation that she couldn’t even open and couldn’tContinue reading “Is it supposed to feel this wrong sometimes?”

Rotten day after proposal

This is really hard. I proposed to B on Saturday. Sunday was disappointing. And today I’m just really unhappy. Is this because the relationship is not right or something? Or is this just living with rOCD? She has been sweet the whole time but she just says stuff that drives me crazy. I prayed thatContinue reading “Rotten day after proposal”