I told her about this blog

I have been hiding his blog from everyone, especially my wife. She’s very private about her thanks, especially relationships. She won’t let me share most of the stuff I’ve shared on here, but that’s why I started this blog, because I can share those things that most people can’t share. She said she would thinkContinue reading “I told her about this blog”

My most dangerous thought

I realized the most dangerous thought of my OCD brain always orbits back to this. “It isn’t supposed to be this hard.” Our relationship is hard. There is a lot she says that bothers me. She’s sweet, but often sounds incredibly dumb and socially unaware to me. Other times she has the most stable wisdomContinue reading “My most dangerous thought”

Don’t practice bad thoughts

Here’s something else I’ve learned. Don’t let yourself practice mean thoughts. As soon as you recognize you’re building arguments against your person in your head, say, “God that thought is yours.” Or picture yourself blowing that thought away with a gun. Or shooting it at your spiritual enemy (because he is the one encouraging theContinue reading “Don’t practice bad thoughts”