Our renaissance

She was gone all week on a missions trip and I had time to plan a warm welcome when she came back. I told myself I want to serve this woman so I asked what does she like and I tried to prepare it for her. I showed up at the airport with a sign that said welcome home my beloved wifey. Then when she got home I had hung the Mexican flag cut outs from our wedding in our entryway and put a trail of petals to our bed where I had two roses and a card and a birthday balloon because her birthday is soon. When we

When we got up the next morning I turned on praise music in the living room and made breakfast for her. She came out and we prayed and worship together. Later that day she told me you just love me so well. You serve me so well. You are such a good husband. And honestly I was loving it! Changing my attitude to simply serve her has been amazing! It made her happy and since it was my goal I was accomplishing my goal which made me happy! We just had the most fun weekendwe may have ever had. We had lots of sex, which we’re getting better at but still trying to get the hang of.

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