I told her about this blog

I have been hiding his blog from everyone, especially my wife. She’s very private about her thanks, especially relationships. She won’t let me share most of the stuff I’ve shared on here, but that’s why I started this blog, because I can share those things that most people can’t share. She said she would think about it. So if you see no more posts from me it is probably because she has asked me to stop.

When I was praying this weekend it dawned on me, this is the only thing I keep from her pretty much. I mean there are certain memories about other women from my past which really would do no good to bring up, and she wouldn’t want to know. But as far as anything that can possibly pop up on my phone this is the only thing I had not told her about.

So, this morning I told her about it and she said to let her think about it. She asked what purpose is it serving for me and I said it gives me a place to help the people who could be held by knowing what I’ve been through. And it helps me process.

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