Settling Into Marriage

Marriage has been super fun. Today she had to wake up super early and I happened to wake up a little before hand. So I cuddled up to her until her alarm went off. Then I kissed and massaged and teased with her as she laughed and objected. “Shhh! Quiet, R!”


I got up first taunting her with, “Ha you have to make the bed!” She said the last one out of bed has to make it. Although I was planning on making it for her anyway.

As she took a shower I fixed her a smoothie and cheesy eggs and toast with Nutella. But I added reese’s pieces on the Nutella in the shape of a smiley face on one piece of bread and a frowny face on the other piece. I told her “You get to pick what type of day you will have.”

She took a picture of it and said thank you several times. As she walked away from our front door I yelled things like “Kill it today, Hunny!” and “You’re a champ. This day should be scared of you! Get it baby!” Loud enough for everyone on the corner to hear it.

The last I saw of her as she walked around the corner to her car, she was smiling.

This is pretty fun.

R (three weeks after wedding)

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