We got married!

So she was beautiful at the wedding but I really didn’t like much of what she said or did during The wedding or the reception. During the sermon the things she nodded at or harmed her affirmation to just made me think she barely understood whether meaning behind what was said was or the nuances. Then she was disappointed at the wedding planner for missing some things and just was unhappy for much of the wedding.

But luckily once we left for the honeymoon we had a good time and I basically had nothing that seriously bugged me.

It was super late by the time we left, like 11 PM and we still had an hour and a half to get to the Airbnb cabin. But after driving away for half an hour we got a message saying I had forgotten my suitcase at the venue! So we drove back and finally got to the Airbnb by one in the morning.

For all of you out there who wonder if it will get easier after you say I do, for me it pretty much has.that’s just one week into it but for some reason I seem to have let go of the question do I like her enough. After a day of not enjoying almost anything of what she said it is no longer a question that haunts me to ask is it supposed to be this way? It just is.

And then I move on and we have a really good time. Many times over the honeymoon I recognized that “I am happy.”

And then in those times where we were dealing with her disappointment and her crying about how she thought the wedding went I was OK just to be sad with her.

I did make a mistake that we’re still dealing with. When she described all the things she thought the wedding planner did wrong I sort of let her be sad for a while but when I did speak up hi defended the wedding planner. I didn’t want her to have such a bad perspective of her our wedding which I thought went pretty well! While at the wedding planner make her so sad. But there were several people in her family apparently who were crying after the wedding. She doesn’t know why exactly but I think it had something to do with her family feeling this honored, partly due to the choices or treatment by the wedding planner.

I don’t agree with these response so it’s hard for me to sound like I am sincerely on her side. I think we better corroborate that the wedding coordinator in fact did do something wrong before we make conclusions about it being a bad wedding because of her. Especially because the wedding coordinator lives in the duplex unit right next to us!

But to B it just feels like I’m more on the side of the wedding planner than I am on B’s side. and I understand that.

The good news is these feel like the problems of a normal couple. This isn’t the problems created by a mental disease.


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