First time having sex

So since this is an anonymous blog I can talk about things that most people with an identity attached can’t talk about. So I can tell you about what it was like to have real sex for the full-time first time for two virgins after getting married.

After a week we’ve still struggled to have good sex. In fact today was the first day where I actually came during intercourse. And she still hasn’t reached a full orgasm. It’s a lot harder work than I thought it would be to get her naturally lubricated. We used a couple of different manufactured lubricants but I guess if she’s not really turned on enough to produce her own lubricant she’s not really going to be ready to enjoy penetration/intercourse.

When I finally slowly and very cautiously entered, (as she tenderly pulled my hips into her so it was at her choice) it wasn’t like an immediate pain and then it was over (like we thought would have been caused by stretching the hymen), it was more like trying to shove a hotdog between leather seats. It was just a lot of uncomfortable squeezing and friction on her skin inside.

And I had no idea how difficult and multifaceted and long lead time, and how much of a delicate balance it would be to get her feeling horny and ready to actually want me to penetrate her. We just could not make it happen where she was ready for it and wanted it. We have to be having fun together before hand, she has to hear deep loving words from me, I have to have rubbed her with my finger on her vagina so tenderly and slowly at first until she gets wet but it’s hard to touch her tenderly and slowly because you have to push kind of hard to get past the outer lips and get to the clitoris to touch it. And by that time it’s hard to do it tenderly and it feels like you’re swiping through frictiony skin, not lubricated skin.

And even though I don’t know if all of the elements were done well this afternoon, we made it happen and we both enjoyed it. A large part was using my hand to stimulate her clitoris while my penis was moving in and out inside. But I can’t go too deep! If I do I seem to hit something inside of her that brings her a lot of pain. At first it was the pain of not being lubricated and things just feeling too tight. But I think I’m hitting her cervix. Which we learned is supposed to be harder to do if she’s more turned on. Apparently the vagina area lengthens when she’s turned on so it would be harder to hit the back of it.

All right, you didn’t know you’d get this much transparency did you! But look, you got this far, and aren’t you glad you did! 🙂


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