Only 20 minutes brought tons of triggers

Are these ridiculous things to be triggered by?

I show up with Chick-fil-a and kiss her. She says, oh you taste salty. I mumble, “probably the fries.” We sit down and she digs into the bag and sees the chick-fil-A sauce and says, “Oh I bet this is what I tasted.”

I replied, a little frustrated, “That’s sweet. You probably tasted the fries.”

And she replied, “Oh yeah, I guess so.”

She got up to answer a call. And I had to really resist obsessing over it.

Then a moment or two after her call she said she was having troubles with what she was doing online and didn’t know if it’s with her computer’s hardware or something with the other side’s system.

I asked, “Do you mean software or hardware?”

She said, “Yes” and kept talking.

Again, I have to resist asking, do you even know the difference between hardware and software?

And there were a couple other things before I left after 20 minutes. But it’s just tough to hang out with someone and be frustrated with almost every other thing they say.

I look back at it afterwards and think, even though she wasn’t being very correct, specifically speaking, the point of the conversation came across in both cases and that is what matters.

Otherwise she’s really amazing. We’re about 3 weeks until our wedding.

R, 4-13-2021

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