Getting meds

I had an appointment with my general doctor today and told him about my OCD. He said lets try an SSRI which is used to help solve depression. In face he said when research showed that OCD was helped by the same medication as depression was, they put the ailments in a similar category.

So we’ll see how it makes me feel! I’m a month and a half from my wedding, and I woke up this morning having to stave off the very strong and depressing thought, “Marrying B just feels wrong.”

I was praying about it a lot last night and then again this morning and I got a vision of a story of someone who was being trained by the hard school of life to control his c brain and choose joy when it was hard. And choose love when he didn’t feel it. And who learned to control his thoughts when ADD seemed to destroy his short term memory. And this made him into the type of man that could do things with his mind and will that others couldn’t.

The doctor said there is very little risk of any side effects. He said we just have you try it for a few weeks and if it doesn’t help we stop. If it does work we tweak dosage to g🥰💓maximize effect!

R, 3-22-21

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