Fun then tons disappointment

Yesterday was fun, and we worked together well to get a sweet dinner, do some shoppoing for a friend’s anniversary surprise for his wife, and making out a lot in her bed.

But this morning I got up at like 7am and did exercises and my prayers. And even when I went back after that she was too tired to even want to make out much. She suggested we go get biscuits and then spent so much time putting makeup on and stuff we didn’t get to go do that. And on top of that I really have to be careful not to obsess over what she says.

It’s strange how when you’re disappointed, you just find more things to be disappointed about. So I’m a little venting today. I don’t want to really look at her. I told her she looks nice, but now she’s in the other room doing I don’t know what.

We’re supposed to watch a virtual sermon in a few minutes but I’m not excited about being with her.

Is this just what it’s like trying to do relationships?

R, 2-21-21

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