Routine of Good Thoughts

So I felt like God has been growing me to be the type that is in control of my thoughts. Because that will have to be absolutely essential to make this survivable.

My friend had told me about how John Gottman says to reprogram your brain by stating 5 good things you like about the person each day.

So I’ve been thinking of ways to to do this and keep it sustainable. And I think I found a good way. What is going to keep me accountable to doing this? How will I make it sink in?

I just sent a text to B saying, “Hey hunny, I want to tell you things I like about you and favorite memories I have of you even if it seems random or I repeat them. So be ready šŸ™‚ It may be on different platforms depending on how I want to express it. First, I like how you are so level headed when I go through my vicissitudes of emotion. Thank you for being so stable.”

She replied, “My heart just melted!!!”

-January 6, 2021

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